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The Basics of Uncontesed Divorce. 

To qualify, a married couple in Virginia MUST meet the following:


1. One of the parties must have been a bona fide resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia      for at least 6 months preceding the initial filing.

2. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN: You, and your spouse, must have lived, separate and      apart, for at least 6 months prior to the initial filing AND you and your spouse must have      entered into an agreement resolving the distribution of your marital assets.

    IF YOU DO HAVE CHILDREN: You and your spouse must have lived separate and apart        for at least 12 months preceding the initial filing AND BOTH YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE MUST AGREE to all terms of the divorce including:

-Spousal support/alimony

-Distribution of all assets and debts

-Distribution of personal property

-Distribution of real property

-Custody of any pets

-Child support and custody

If you and your spouse meet the above criteria schedule your free consultation now to see how Mr. King can help your family move on to their best future. 

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